create visual radio,
                            during your live broadcast


Camcon Visual Radio is the newest device within our studio products.

Now it's possible to create Visual Radio during your live broadcast, all inside a 19" framework. 

The Camcon Visual Radio application hardware was designed by Radio Broadcast professionals along with the D&R design team and is intended to be used 24 hours per day as an “On-Screen” controller together with OBS in the most demanding production room.

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By using the Camcon Visual Radio unit, it is possible to trigger/switch scenes automatically, depending on who is talking On-Air.

The Camcon Visual Radio unit (Triggerbox) measures microphone levels and sends these over a USB link to a PC where Visual Radio software runs.

The most visual radio solutions like Vmix, OBS use real audio devices connected as triggers. The Triggerbox/Camcon is very simple to use.

The Visual Radio Control (software) connects the scenes from the Broadcasting Software to channels on the Camcon Visual Radio device. With metering and the MicOn information that the Camcon provides to the Visual Radio Control it is possible to make decisions on which scene needs to be made active at a given moment.

front side


The gain for the level measurement can be done on the front panel with one single push switch. NOTE, This has no influence on the Mic XLR signal and is only for internal measurement.

back side


The unit is placed in series with the microphone and the mixing console.

Therefore each channel will have an XLR input and an XLR output that also acts as a thru connector.


The Camcon needs to be used with the Camcon Control Software (Configuration Manager) and Visual Radio Control (VRC), both included. 

This VRC software will implement the Camcon data to process for instance OBS (free open source software)

The final signal flow will be: MIC > CAMCON > VBA > OBS (or vMIX/MultiCAM)

The Camcon is only required with mixing consoles where there is no option to send out the separate microphone signals such as in digital consoles.

Before you install the Visual Radio Control (VRC) software it is important to install the Camcom application software first and also the OBS freeware. Only then the VRC software can find the links to both applications and then it will work as intended.

VRC logo.jpg

- Adding a scene

- Editing scenes

- Modifying scenes

- Remove scenes

- Scene properties

- Name scenes

- Source audio

- Source MicOn

- Threshold metering

- Scheduling priority

- Activation delay

connection with our broadcast mixers

It's also possible to let the Camcon Unit work with your Webstation, Airlite, AXITE or AXUM mixer/platform.

To make this connection we have created the Visual Radio Control (VRC) software.





Front Left-Right : 482 mm
Frame left right : 430mm
Front-Back : 175 mm
Height : 44 mm. (1HE)
Front panel thickness : 2 mm
Radius Corners : 20 mm
Weight : 5 kg.


Article no. 60898519