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Is there harm in vaping?

E-cigarettes and vapes do not produce nicotine, tar, or carbon monoxide, but can we really say that they are not harmful?

In the U.S., the latest e-cigarette has become popular among young people, and there have been tragic incidents of underage use and deaths due to the use of liquid containing narcotic ingredients.

Since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law is different between the U.S. and Japan, the details of the harms vary, but we would like to pursue the truth about the harms caused by vaping, including the problems in the U.S.

The truth about incidents caused by vape

In the United States and other foreign countries, heated cigarettes are not as popular as they are in Japan, and electronic cigarette VAPEs are gaining popularity instead.

In particular, the latest electronic cigarette, JUUL, has become so popular that its share of the U.S. e-cigarette market has exceeded 70% in just a few years since its release.

Despite their popularity, health hazards and deaths caused by vapes have recently become an issue.

Let's quickly summarize and look at the truth about the many vape incidents that have occurred in the United States.

Underage Use of the Latest Vape

The most talked-about trouble caused by vape in recent years is the use by minors.

In the U.S., as in Japan, smoking by minors is prohibited, but the increase in compact products like the latest JUUL has made it easier to smoke under cover, and this has sparked a variety of problems.

President Trump, who himself is a vaper, is concerned about the use of vapes by young people, and is now making major moves to take action against the sale of vapes and liquid vapes.

Rampant use of liquids containing toxic substances

In the U.S., the sale of vapes and some electronic cigarette factory is being regulated due to the prevalence of drug-infused liquids as well as their use by minors.

Cartridge-type vapes are an easy target due to the simplicity of dissolving the drug ingredients in the liquid, and malicious incidents have occurred frequently.

Emergency transport of vape users

The number of emergency cases of vape users has been increasing recently: young vape users suddenly collapse or are hospitalized with pulmonary diseases.

In the worst case, they may even die.

However, the truth of this case is not that the vape user died. The truth of the matter is not the death of the vape user, but the poisoning symptoms caused by the use of liquid containing narcotic ingredients in the vape, and the vape is not the underlying cause of the damage.

The online news said that the deaths were caused by vape, but the truth is that they were caused by narcotics.

Is there really no harm in vaping?

In the United States and other countries where nicotine and drugs are rampant, there have actually been various incidents involving vape use.

However, if the product is sold in Japan, it is hardly harmful.

Compared to paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes, dispoable vape products do not generate harmful substances such as tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to the human body.

Choose an e-cigarette that you can smoke with confidence and consider purchasing one!


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